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Custom Coins:


We're able to manufacture very high quality custom coins,it's just the same process as custom medals' . We take pride of making a very high quality product with which you will be satisfied in every way, from design presentation to delivery on time... always.

We'd like to say,You have our guarantee that the combination of quality and price that we offer is one of the best in the world. Hundred of clients from companies, organizations, and the military confirm it every time when ordering from us .

Metal coins are made using the same techniques used for die struck and stamped lapel pins and keychains.
Spin casting and Die Casting coins and medallions are also available

Then, coins are colorfilled with soft enamel, imitation cloisonne, or cloisonne. Additional processes that can be used include: glow in the dark, glitering, pvc insert, pin on pin designs, diamond cuts rims, and consecutive numbering. All items are strictly inspected before delivery.

Delivery Time for Custom coins :

1. for sample:within 3-5 days upon receipt of your sketches or samples.

2. for mass production: within 7-25 days upon comfirming the samples,it depends on the quantity

Contact us now for more information.We're always offering clients the best quality, the most competitive prices and punctual delivery.


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